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Feeding a natural diet is our obsession - We believe that everyone, regardless of finances or busy schedules, can make a natural raw diet work for them.

Animals have been living in harmony with humans throughout history. Dogs and cats were domesticated thousands of years ago. They were companions, protectors, and hunters. What did they eat? Raw meat, bones, organs and some vegetation. That is the diet of wild dogs and cats.

Commercial food (called kibble) was introduced about in the 1940's, mainly to help large kennels feed animals faster and to provide food for military dogs. Since then the Kibble industry has boomed. You can find every flavor on the market, as well as special diets for various ailments.

Today commercial kibble is the norm, not the raw meat, bones and other nutrients that sustain a healthy pet. In just 60 years how could they have adapted to this new diet? A better question might be why are veterinary clinics so busy these days with so many diseased animals?

Why feed your pets boring, bland, dry kibble which really isn't healthy?

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Introducing the Feed This

Kidney Support Mix

As our pets age, their kidneys will age as well. Toxins in food, water and environment can wear them down.  Even some hormones can wear down the kidneys.  So as our pets age the kidneys are prone to running a little less efficiently than in younger pets.

The conventional protocol for pre-kidney failure is to reduce phosphorus and, in some cases, to consider lowering protein, although there is conflicting evidence that lowering protein is beneficial.  Often the vet will abruptly change food to a low protein diet.  The kidneys and digestive organs must work harder and are more easily stressed with dehydrated and processed such as kibble.  The body cannot recognize proteins cooked with carbohydrates and so the proteins clog the kidneys like a coffee filter full of grounds. The natural moisture content of raw, unprocessed species appropriate meats and vegetables makes them far easier to digest and more nourishing, especially for older pets. 

Dogs and cats fed a balanced raw higher protein diets are consistently healthier and age better than those fed lower protein and dehydrated low protein diets.  In general dogs may run a slightly higher than average BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen) but when that number begins to go up on a regular basis it MAY BE time to tweak a few things in their raw diet to help them with these changes.  It is interesting that…just like in a pack of wild dogs….the young strong alphas would get the fresh choice cuts (or tears in this case) of muscle meat and the elderly and young would be left with more of the fats, offal (kidney, spleen, liver) and stomach contents.

We have worked with our veterinary consultant and nutritionist to come up with a plan for our pets who are showing signs of kidney disease.

The key to working with kidney levels is to provide foods lower in phosphorus and protein as well add herbs to sooth, flush and support the kidneys.  (IRIS, or international renal interest society – urges vets to individualize diets including protein and phosphorus levels for the pet based on lab changes)

Our use of meats richer in natural fats as well as tripe (a mix of the intestines of ruminants containing partially digested greens) as well as sweet potato reduces the phosphorus and protein content without disrupting the healthy balance of nutrients.  Like heals like so adding the right amount of healthy kidney is always a good thing to feed.  Special herbs that nourish the kidneys complete the plan.

Marshmallow root is the most soothing herb of all.  We recommend this herb with any kind of gastric upset.  It is natures pepto.  This herb helps reduce inflammation and irritation in the GI tract and urinary tract organs soothing irritated tissues.  Marshmallow is safe, cooling, beautifully demulcent and works on two systems that dogs so often suffer with; gastric and urinary for bladder and kidney infections.

Nettles is rich in chlorophyll and is a super healer. Nettles can help if there are kidney stones and helps to flush excess fluids and uric acid. They also reduce allergic reactions.
Dandelion decongests the gallbladder and promotes the flow of bile, which helps fat digestion.  It also treats gallstones and other gallbladder problems, jaundice, hepatitis and other liver problems.   Supporting the liver will support the kidneys.  

Dandelion’s liver-cleansing actions reduce toxins and helps with many conditions involving edema and the flowers are extremely high in antioxidants.  Helpful to support liver, kidney and heart, for canines.

Parsley leaves also have antiseptic properties and are helpful in treating urinary tract infections. Since parsley is a diuretic, it is useful in boosting kidney function. In addition, parsley benefits dogs with heart problems because it helps stimulate the kidneys to eliminate the excess fluids in the lungs and/or other organs.

Hawthorn berry promotes healthy circulation in the blood vessels, which is essential to overall kidney health, as well as heart health.  In addition, hawthorn is a natural diuretic, which can assist the kidneys. 

Horsetail has a diuretic action as well. It has an affinity for the urinary tract where it can be used to sooth inflammation, hemorrhaging, cystic ulceration, ulcers, cystitis, and to SOOTHE infections. It is considered a specific remedy in cases of inflammation or benign enlargement of the prostate gland and is also used to quicken the removal of kidney stones.

Our kidney mix is designed to support kidney health.  We do not claim to treat kidney disease. Only a veterinarian can prescribe an individualized diet to treat kidney disease and or kidney failure.  As always we can work with your vet to modify your menu to meet your pet's unique needs during health challenges. 

Mix our Kidney Support Mix with your pet's favorite meat flavor.  Mix one lb meat with 2 lbs Kidney Support Mix and feed according to their usual portions.



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