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To all of our fantastic clients,

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We've been receiving quite a number of calls and emails from folks asking about potential shortages of food.

As of now we have no issues. As you know we can't really anticipate a month or more from now…but weve made it through a few disasters in our 20 years ….911 in the beginning, swine flu, avian flu, the Tubs Fire in 2017, the Carr and Paradise Fires in 2018, the Kincaid Fire in 2019 and now this.

All, so far, have been seamless for the most part. Fingers crossed we all remain virus free.... And well stocked with the necessities (pet food included).

As of now all deliveries are running as scheduled.

For our clients….as a “just in case” scenario. One thing you might do (as much as I dislike kibble) is to have a 50 lb. bag of high quality kibble on hand since it seems to last forever. And if there is no need for it after all has settled, then it would be a nice donation to the shelter:)

If you do have to revert to kibble at any point…remain calm and know that this is temporary….kind of like binging on an all you can eat & drink vacation.

Many folks (myself included) will “just say no” to Kibble. That being said a fantastic sub is eggs. If you can get unrefrigerated eggs it is even better. They can last over a month in a cool place. Canned meats are great. Human food it fantastic as well; high quality hotdogs, chicken thighs or wings, the list goes on and on. A good “not really a grain” item is quinioa. See the website basics page for foods not to feed your pet.

Once back into the swing of things we would suggest the usual tranistion back remedies; Apple Cider Vinegar, a great probiotic (Like our ultra flora), and a rapid “as you can” transition back to raw.

Please also note that during this time we will not be starting any new clients. We will however happily take your questionnaire and put you on a waiting list for when we resume taking on new clients.

We will also be limiting “will call” orders as necessary.

Lastly. For obvious reasons we will not be taking any recycling returns. If you are willing and able to hang on to only the boxes, silver coolers and icepacks until the pandemic has passed we will gladly take them at that time. If you do not have the space to do so please recycle with your local recycling company.

Stay well and Have a Great Dane! :)




Why feed your pets boring, bland, dry kibble which really isn't healthy?

To place and order please fill out our questionnaire.

The questionnaire will provide us with the information required

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Feeding a natural diet is our obsession - We believe that everyone, regardless of finances or busy schedules, can make a natural raw diet work for them.

Animals have been living in harmony with humans throughout history. Dogs and cats were domesticated thousands of years ago. They were companions, protectors, and hunters. What did they eat? Raw meat, bones, organs and some vegetation. That is the diet of wild dogs and cats.

Commercial food (called kibble) was introduced about in the 1940's, mainly to help large kennels feed animals faster and to provide food for military dogs. Since then the Kibble industry has boomed. You can find every flavor on the market, as well as special diets for various ailments.

Today commercial kibble is the norm, not the raw meat, bones and other nutrients that sustain a healthy pet. In just 60 years how could they have adapted to this new diet? A better question might be why are veterinary clinics so busy these days with so many diseased animals?


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