Why Feed This?

Feed This, Inc. follows Kymythy Schultze's book, "The Ultimate Diet". The diet follows a few basic guidelines, no grains, yeast or dairy.

The portioned diets are available in 1 to 4 weeks. Each weekly package will contain six (6) daily meals individually packaged, seven (7) meals for pets not fasted once a week. Every week contains a "bones only" day. All of our products are available by the lb. and in bulk as well.

Organic vegetables and herbs are rotated to insure a natural variety. Many different protein sources (chicken, turkey, lamb, beef, pork, rabbit and duck to name a few) are available. Herbs are pulsed on a monthly basis.

Feed This, Inc! recommends that you consult with a veterinary professional familiar with the raw diet before or during the transition to the Feed This diet. Your veterinarian may not be familiar with the raw diet therefore we are happy to talk with them about our diet so we can provide them with the necessary information. If they are still not comfortable helping you transition your pet to a raw diet we have a list of veterinarians who regularly switch pets to our healthy raw diet. Feed This, Inc! works closely with several veterinary clinics that recommend our diet. We also have a veterinarian and a nutritionist on staff for consultations.

Feed This, Inc. supplies any recommended supplements your pet may need in conjunction with a proper raw diet. If you would like to prepare the diet on your own Feed This, Inc! carries everything you need!

Just a Few Testimonials 					  

WT East Bay CA
I ABSOLUTLY love your product. It is so much easier & cleaner than the other service I was using. You are very organized!
Thank you for all your help.
Best Regards,

From TA in Santa Rosa (About her friend's dog who just started)
She reports that Annie before starting raw could barely drag around her hind end, now she is flying down the stairs and running around.  She is not even on Rimadyl anymore.  She looks incredible and has lost weight but looks more muscular.  She wishes there were before and after pictures!

From TG Marin County
So I've been feeding my cat the quail...  She LOVES it.  She completely freaked out the first day we fed it to her...  Started BEGGING us the
next day to feed her again.  My Husband keeps trying to steal them for our dinner- but I won't let him... ;)

From YH Oklahoma
The shampoo's are wonderful!  I cannot believe how clean Nicolai's coat feels!  And yes, he smells yummy!  I love the shampoo's.  Thank you so
much! My dogs needed to be on special shampoo's and I just could not find the right one on the market.  You can bet I will stock more.  I will get
back to you shortly.

JB Pleasanton CA:  Thank you guys for being the best-dog-food-maker-people ever!!!

AL San Francisco, CA
I can't tell you how delighted I am at what Mom reports about Chaco.  I've never pushed her hard about feeding raw, because not everyone is comfortable doing it.  But I've just tried to talk up how wonderful it's been for Tucker, and she herself has been able to see the results
in him.  I always felt that Chaco was too heavy, and his coat was dull and dandruffy.  Without any prompting from me, she has volunteered the
information that:"Chaco is looking sleek and shiny after only about a week on 'raw'.  He really loves it."It makes me so happy to think that he's looking so much better and no doubt feeling terrific!  And if you can't look forward to your din-din, what can you look forward to in life! So thanks for helping get her set up, and I hope that it continues to be successful for her and Chaco. Satisfied on behalf of TWO dogs,

KC Santa Rosa, CA
I sure am eternally grateful to you for making  my sweet Ditto so healthy!

BL Cotati CA
Everything is great, Cleo loves her new diet, my in-laws think I've really gone crazy.  The good news is her fur is starting to grow back and she's not scratching or biting herself anymore.  I am doing the fasting day on the day I work late so I don't have to feel sorry for her, It's really me  I dont think she minds all that much.  She wasn't sure about the chicken feet the first time I gave them to her,  now when she gets them for her treat she lays down closes her eyes and takes her time enjoying them.  Thanks so much, I can see how much care goes into your program and we're happy we found you.  I'll let you know when we're ready for our next order.  Thank you,  Brenda and Cleo

PK Benicia CA
First.  What a wonderful first exposure to your company.  I loved how personalized it was and all the great info was great.  I have to admit I was a tiny bit afraid of what the food might look like.  It arrived looking and smelling very fresh and yummy ( I don't know what I was expecting, but my expectation was perhaps more in the "carnage" department - I hope I made you laugh - I mean no offense).  Everything was fresh and very appealing.

DS Potter Valley CA
She is doing great, wiggly, happy.  I still have to give her a couple baby
aspirin, but not as often.  I swear that she does not have as much grey in
her muzzle!!!

BH St. Helena, CA
What's in that magic potion joint formula of yours? Curious cuz it's working great, Bogie is feeling super and it's the only difference. I replaced a supplement my holistic vet had given me with yours and I'm wondering what's in it so I can see if I can cut out some others I have. 

AC Healdsburg CA
Not only are we on board, but we're getting married! The dogs love the food, the diarrhea seems to be a thing of the past, and I am a fool for not crying
for help from you earlier! I totally was at the end of my rope and lost perspective - I will never take them off raw again! And I love that the
bogie balls are in the smaller containers and that the chicken necks are ground right into that. Anything else I can say to fawn all over you? I am
forever in your debt! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

TE Napa, CA

I have to tell you that our 10 year old dog, Peety is doing so incredible on the diet.  Before the diet he acted like a little old man.  He would curl up in our closet and sleep the majority of the day.  Now he acts like he is two.  After breakfast in the morning he will grab a toy and run through the house like a wild thing.  Also, his teeth have always been a problem we have had them professionally cleaned and several weeks later they would be bad again.   They were green.  You can see the green plaque just dissolving away on his teeth. The majority of his teeth are pearly white now.  It has really been amazing to see the difference in him.  I have pretty much told everybody I know with a dog to contact you. 

M&L G Sebastopol, CA

We are all doing well.  How's Feed This doing?  We hope it lives long and prospers! :)
Pumpkin is fit and happy, and definitely not having as many health problems as her dog friends (non-BARF) are having as they get older. 

KW Santa Rosa, CA
Everything is going great right now!  Riley is maintaining his weight of about 70 lbs and Frankie is growing by leaps and bounds.  He will be bigger than Riley.  He's about Riley's size now and is only 10 months today.  Both boys look healthy and lean.  They have an incredible amount of  energy and are both very happy dogs! Their stools are firm and turn hard and white in a day or two.  It actually makes them very manageable.  Such a change from the way it was before we started.

SS Willits CA
People are always saying: Oh, you just gave her a bath and groomed, I haven't bathed this dog since I got here over a year ago.  She bathes in mud puddles and manages to come back white and never, never smells.
Her magic food at work.

BS Mendocino County CA
I'm interested in ordering food for an 18 year old neighbor's cat I'm caring for. Last year she was near death probably from poisoning from a chemical wormer her owner had just given her. One of your customers happened into my life and supplied me with your Bogie Ball Mix for a few months until the cat stabilized. It was amazing how quickly she gained strength. It was the first time I had seen weight on her in the 5 years I have known her, and her coat which had been gummy became soft as feathers. Even her personality became more content, her meow much less demanding, and in general she was less irritating. We began to actually enjoy petting her.

MM Berkeley CA
Thank you!! And the cats adore that stuff, greatly! They ate it all up, super fast every time I set it out.

TT Hayward CA
Just wanted to let you know that I received my first order from you guys and I couldn't be happier. When I saw all three boxes I was a little worried that it wouldn't all fit in the freezer, but once it was all pulled out and organized it fit perfectly - with lots of room to spare! I had planned the evening for re-packaging but was pleasantly surprised to see that you guys had already packaged it in perfect portions for my guys! I had an entire evening free and decided to take my friend out for mole (the sauce, not the dog!) and a margarita!!! I loved all the info you put into the starter pack and am passing it onto my friend (along with some samples) as she is in the process of switching to raw. My dogs were thrilled with the lamb bones and have already started playing with the toy - and begging for the treats! The "monkey treats" were gobbled up instantly! I wish an email could express the gratitude that I feel for you guys and what you do. I have been feeding raw for 5 years now and you guy have made it easier - and cheaper - then ever. 

BS Santa Rosa, CA
I fed the girls their first ever raw meal last night. The Boston's aren't low energy dogs at any rate, but they were absolutely psycho nuts last night! They ran all over the house all night long. They kept jumping up and down on the bed in the middle of the night and at one point, Marlee brought the stuffy toy in between our heads and squeaked it when we were trying to sleep. They were also totally nutters this AM. It's GREAT to see them so happy and full of energy, but man, I thought it would take the food a while to process before we saw any effect! We sprinkled the kitty stuff (from the sample) on the kitty food and the Boston's broke into the laundry room twice last night to eat the kitty food! Something that they NEVER usually do! Tim asked me if you put 'doggie crack' in the dust or something! For the first time EVER, all three dogs ate their breakfast in under 10 mins. Usually Marlee picks at hers and Sasha noses at it for a while before she eats it. When I brought the boxes into the house yesterday, they all trailed me around the kitchen like land sharks. They smelled it thought the packaging and I'll be surprised if they didn't manage to grow opposable thumbs while I was at work today and raid the freezer themselves! Thanks so much for all of the super cool samples and literature. I enjoyed reading it and we gave the girls a couple of treats yesterday and they LOVE them.

B&G CD Rohnert Park, CA
Thank you again for getting back to me and also for how awesome you have been over the last year. Ginger has been on the raw diet for over a year now and we just can't get over the difference it has made in all our lives! She is so happy and healthy and we have not once been into the vet or emergency vets for her gastro intestinal problems! We love Feed This!

DP Santa Rosa, CA
Let me give a super positive testimonial regarding the raw diet + supplements in terms of Lolly's amazing recuperation and healing from the broken limb...he has regained full range of motion in his left elbow...the fracture has fully healed....his fur has already filled in and skin looks super....he's out of the crate after 6 weeks and frisky as ever.  FEED THIS ROCKS!!! thanks you guys for helping us to help our lil guy...the surgeon was beaming as he entered the room last week having viewed the follow up xrays and examining lolly's elbow.  I know the calcium ascorbate, fish oil, and colostrum has really helped him heal as well.  Ii can't thank you enough.


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